Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Okay Dokey...... Today's little snippet from the files of my not a lot of people know that concerns the often puzzling initials MUA. How often have you seen the initials MUA posted on Facebook and thought what does that stand for ?  Well wonder no more.... the initials stand for Makeup Artist and are used by a body of highly trained experts at making you look your best and my job much easier.

 When you book your portrait sitting or your model portfolio shoot you spend ages deciding what outfits you will wear to look your absolute best in the finished photos. Do you take as much care over your makeup ? ....guys im not including you although some of you have made me wonder.

I am fortunate to be able to call on the services of not one ...not two..... but THREE extremely talented makeup artists who can attend your shoot and provide you with a makeover to fully compliment your chosen outfit and desired look. From the light and understated to the way out and adventurous.

The MUA's who work with me can all be found on Facebook so even if you are not having photos done they are available for Weddings ( alone or as part of a photography package) formals etc. they are .....

1. Jill Anderson (Facebook J Anderson MUA)
2. Linda Wilson( Facebook Linda Wilson MUA or Sheer Bliss Makeup)
3. Rachael Donaghy ( Facebook Rachael D MUA )

I am truely happy to endorse the work of all three of these talented ladies ...so if you are thinking of a shoot consider them as an optional extra to enhance your experience.

Pictures of the girls at work are shown below.
 Jill Anderson at work on Location

Linda Wilson doing a Bridal Shoot.


Rachael Donaghy on Location.

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