Sunday, 29 January 2012

A wee piece about portraits today ....... in the past portraits consisted of family groups or individuals in good clothes posing formally and stiffly being asked to "say Cheese" or "watch the Birdie". Nowadays the portrait has had major makeover surgery. There are still formal studio shoots but increasingly they are being made more fun and casual. The terminology used is explained as follows

 " High Key".... portraits taken against a pure white background very popular with certain large commercial photography companies characterized by a total lack of shadow or contrast this can be a very striking way of showing your portraits.  

"Low Key" .... The opposite of high key :-) taken against a pure black background using lots of shadows to create a dark and mysterious look very popular with model portfolio work. 


"Lifestyle".... Informal portraits taken in a setting showing the subject doing something that defines them be it work or leisure.

"Outdoor Portrait" Using a location to really bring out the best in your subject. Again this is very popular with models wishing to expand their portfolios with original work. I have a huge number of exceptional shoot locations close to my studio including Beaches, Forest Historic Ruins and many more there is something to suit every taste.

Whatever type of portrait you like i am equipped and able to shoot all of them and will work with you to get you photos you will treasure forever.

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